Able Table - The Overview


Our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people who live with a disability. Able Table supports this vision by offering a carefully crafted range of well-designed, functional tables helping people with disabilities to be treated as equal, independent and participating members of the community wherever they may be.


The Able Table is a universally designed table for wheelchair users and people who live with various kinds of disability in their day-to-day lives. The Able Table has a friendly and inviting design that allows educators, parents and caretakers alike to provide nurturing hand-over-hand assistance in a comfortable space. Seating up to 4 wheelchair users and 4 care staff or peers, the Able Table is inclusion in its most basic form.


The sturdy melamine surface has an easy to clean hygienic finish, which is both heat and water resistant. The table is currently available in two sizes to accommodate both standard wheelchair height and the larger tilt-in-space motorised chairs. The specially designed shape provides ample space for every variety of group activity.

Special Needs Schools Ireland & UK

Within a care setting the Able Table has amazing social benefits. Most care centers facilitate mealtimes on an individual basis at tables in front of chairs, or wheelchairs. Our table allows mealtimes to be held at one large table with a group setting, and for greater participation in activities around a table. This means greater social interaction among people and for greater transparency for staff whose actions can be seen and monitored on a more open basis. It allows for a happier and more social environment for both staff and patients. From an operational standpoint, the table is designed to greatly ease the work involved in caring for patients and for ease of access and comfort at mealtimes for both patient and carer.

The Able Table has already been installed in a number of special needs schools across Ireland and has received amazing feedback along the way. Able Tables can easily accommodate both physically disabled and ambient pupils. As well as being ideal for wheelchair users the table also allows teachers and SNA’s to provide hand over hand care to any child who may require this kind of assistance. Currently we are working on a child sized table which will also include a whiteboard finish. Children with disabilities are just like anyone else: They're creative, they're curious, and they're interested in learning about the world. Sometimes, though they may need a little bit of assistance in exploring the ideas in front of them. That's where the Able Table can offer a helping hand.

Creating a better way of life for those who live with disability