Virginia Community Health Centre

Hello everyone. I am the Person in Charge in Virginia Community Health Centre, Residential and Day Care Services for Older Persons. I heard about the Able Table from a colleague who works in the Practice Development Unit. I searched the Internet for information on the Able Table and I entered my email address and query on the web-site. I then received a telephone call from Martin Finucane in relation to my query and he kindly agreed to give us an Able Table for a trial period.

The Trial period proved hugely successful and the table was immediately loved by both residents and staff. The table allowed for a more integrated Mealtime Experience for all residents and those in larger comfort chairs and specialised wheelchairs were able to be facilitated comfortably around the table. The added bonus of the Able Table is that it also provides adequate space for the staff member assisting with mealtimes to sit in close to the resident.

Currently we have two Able Tables here in the Centre (one in each Unit). The residents and staff are all very happy with them. The Able Tables allow residents who need one to one assistance at mealtimes and with recreational activities to be fully integrated into both experiences. I would highly recommend the Able Table and it is my intention that we here in Virginia Community Health Centre will purchase another two tables in the future.

Thanks to Martin Finucane and the Team for sure a wonderful design.

Bernardine Lynch

St. John of God North East Services

We are very pleased to be associated with Able Table L.t.d, the products are of high standards (very stable, safe and excellent presentable finishing) and we have all the tables already supplied in everyday use by the pupils. Staff are also very happy with the products and they say that they are useful and practical with the pupil profiles we have in St. Mary’s Drumcar.

Senior Occupational Therapist

HSE Clinical Nurse Manager

I am a Clinical Nurse Manager and I manage a day unit that provides day care to people with intellectual disabilities. We provide daycare to 26 people, 14 of these people are wheelchair users. People attending the unit would require one to one assistance with most tasks, such as feeding and participating in recreational activities such as art and bakery.

Martin Finucane designed and made two Able Tables for use in our unit. These tables have been a great benefit for our service users and staff; they facilitate staff in sitting next to the service user leading to better interaction within their peer group. Staff are able to assist service users in completing hand over hand tasks.

I would recommend the use of these tables within the care setting, as they have been of great benefit to our unit and our delivery of care.

Sinead Cudden

St. Marys Special School

We here at St Mary's would like to extend a big thank you to Martin not just for supplying a very efficient product the Able Table which has let all our pupils assess their education together, it is the manner in how Martin conducts himself from a small business and the level of qualitative care that he shows not just from a business end in supplying a product but how he clearly interacts with and has a caring knowledge of our pupils needs.

Martin thank you very much on behalf of all the pupils from St Mary's, keep up the good work and we hope to see you very soon in the New Year.

Kevin Toale - Principal

Creating a better way of life for those who live with disability.